Garden Lantern

When I was visiting friends out of state, they took me to a unique store that was selling Christmas items. It was really a drugstore. I bought this lantern there. I had the two figures, so I thought it would be nice to create a scene that would include them. I decided they were friends and one had invited the other over for a lite lunch on a warm summer day.

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Two friends Friends Patio garden Table set Table and chairs

The construction steps:

Empty lantern Flagstones Grouted flagstones Flagstone floor Plants Plants Salads Basket of bread Table of food Table and chairs
Two friends

Two close friends enjoying each other's company.


A closer view of them.

Patio garden

Both outside the patio scene.

Table set

Close up of the table set for lunch.

Table and chairs

Both figures and the table and chairs before being placed in the scene.

Empty lantern

The empty lantern. I cut a piece of Masonite to cover the metal floor.


I decided to cover the floor with flagstones. I used the rough cardboard packing that comes around electronics for the stones. After soaking it in water for half an hour, I then tore it into dozens of pieces and let them dry out. I glued them in a random pattern to the Masonite floor piece. When the glue had dried, I sealed them with watered-down craft glue. I painted them gray with acrylic paint and let them thoroughly dry overnight. I then sealed them again with another coat of the watered-down glue.

Grouted flagstones

When it had dried out, I used a fine grout to fill in the spaces between the stones. I wiped the excess grout off and sealed it again with a final coat of water thinned glue. The lantern was uneven, so I had to adjust the floor to fit.

Flagstone floor

The finished flagstone floor installed.


I filled a baker’s rack with plants I had and with ones I’d made.


The rack and plants next to the lantern.


I made salads for the ladies to eat from Fimo, a clay that is baked.

Basket of bread

A basket of bread, also made from Fimo, goes well with the salads.

Table of food

I added sweet iced tea, cruets of vinegar and oil for the dressing, along with pepper and salt. I also made a pretty flowering plant to set on the table.

Table and chairs

The table and chairs ready to go into the lantern.