Aunt Lorie's Stove

The stove in this room reminded me of an old iron cookstove my Dad had restored. He came into possession of it when his great Aunt Lorie died. He had nowhere to keep it, so it landed in my basement for several years. After my Dad passed away, one of my relatives, who was raised by Aunt Lorie, asked for it. She would take good care of it, and so I was glad to turn it over to her. My Dad remembered sleeping between it and the wall on cold winter nights, when he was a young boy visiting his aunt and cousins. It would have pleased him to know one of them has it now.

I used a kit to make the wooden case. I stained and finished it, and used the drawer to store all the wiring for the overhead light and the fire light in the oven.

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The finished room Close up Overview of the cabinet and stove Another view of the kitchen
The finished room

Aunt Lorie’s stove and cabinet. She has been baking and has dropped an egg, and walked through flour spilled on the floor.

Close up

Glowing embers can be seen in the oven. A pot of green beans and ham hocks simmers on the stove. Coffee is being kept warm on a back burner.

Overview of the cabinet and stove

A bowl of apples being peeled is next to dough rolled out on a bread board. A cup of coffee sets close to the edge. A cat laps milk from a saucer. My Mother crocheted the pot holder hanging on the stove. Smokey soot marks the wall near the flue.

Another view of the kitchen

Another view of the kitchen in a different light. A mouse is hiding near the stove, hoping the cat does not notice him.