Cow Town Cyclery

This was a real challenge because I was not familiar with bicycle shops. I did a lot of research and came up with this design.

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Front of shop Front of shop Overview of entire shop Sales counter Repair area Left corner Bicycle on a stand Overview of entire work area Right side of shop

The construction steps:

Shop shell Windows The interior walls painted Brick laid on sidewalk and sides of building Bricks being mortared Bricks finished on sides Sidewalk brick pattern LED lights Electrical wires Lights Inside objects assembled Bicycle Bicycle Preliminary structure Top view Hanging bicycles Finished service area of the shop Logo Almost finished Poster Sidewalk
Front of shop

Front of Cow Town Cyclery, a place where bicycles are sold and serviced.

Front of shop

Closer view of front of shop.

Overview of entire shop

Overview of entire shop.

Sales counter

Sales counter with repair manuals and parts. Magazine rack is on the wall.

Repair area

Repair area behind sales counter.

Left corner

Left corner of shop with spare tubes and wheels and pegboard with tools.

Bicycle on a stand

Left side of shop with bicycle on stand being worked on, and overview of work bench and tools.

Overview of entire work area

Overview of entire work area.

Right side of shop

Right side of shop with shelves for helmets and books.

Shop shell

I started this project with an unfinished shop shell I had assembled earlier.


The exterior painted black.

The interior walls painted

Interior painted.

Brick laid on sidewalk and sides of building

Brick laid on sidewalk and sides of building.

Bricks being mortared

Bricks being mortared and sealed with watered down glue.

Bricks finished on both sides of shop

Bricks finished on both sides of shop.

Sidewalk brick pattern

Sidewalk brick pattern.

LED lights

A strip of LED lights is attached to the inside top front of the box, and the power cord is run down an inside corner along the side of a window, and out through a hole in the floor. It is then run across the bottom of the shop, and out the back.

Electrical wires

The cord for the LED lights emerging from the bottom back, with the inline switch and built in transformer to power them.


Lights on!

Inside objects assembled

Inside objects assembled.


A 1:12 scale Mercedes-Benz bicycle. This scale was very difficult to find.


A BMW bicycle in the right scale.

Preliminary structure

Preliminary placement of shop contents, and possible posters and charts laid out.

Top view

A view from the top with bicycles hanging off a pole on the right, and most objects in place.

Hanging bicycles

A finished view of the hanging bicycles and the sales shelves on the right side of the shop. Posters are glued in place.

Finished service area of the shop

Overview of the finished service area of the shop.


Perfect logo for Cow Town Cyclery.

Almost finished

Almost finished.


Done, all that was left was a poster for the green billboard on the sidewalk.


A customer’s bike parked on the sidewalk while she shops.