Big Sister

This scene was built in a purchased, unfinished clock case. It has a low watt bulb in the top, and I meant it to be used as a night light in a baby’s room. I stained and varnished the exterior, painted the ceiling, papered the walls, and put in carpeting. I added a false window and curtains before putting the baby furniture in place. I then posed the big sister and the baby. The big sister doll reminds me of my daughter.

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The finished room Bedroom with toys Big sister
The finished room

The finished room. The night light in the ceiling is visible, but not turned on.

Bedroom with toys

With the light on. A teddy bear is attached to the curtains, and Raggedy Ann and Andy holding balloons are on a shelf above a clown lamp. The wallpaper also has balloons on it. There is a rabbit next to the crib on the right, and a pacifier under the bed.

Big sister

Close-up of the big sister being quiet and smiling as she is caught by the viewer stealing a look at the sleeping baby.