The Music Admirer

I liked this case because it allows plenty of light and a view from three sides. It took me a while to decide what I wanted to put in it. I wanted it to be simple. I settled with just the piano and the two figures and a clock on the wall. The top glass lifts off of the case, so I had to work on this from above. The pianist is a German doll. The young girl figure was purchased at a miniature show in Kansas City.

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Pianist A closer view Above view View from another angle Final view

The room with a pianist and his young admirer. The banjo clock on the wall was made from a laser cut kit, and the piano was also from a kit.

A closer view

A closer view.

Above view

A view from above. I could not remove the glass sides to photograph this room, but I could remove the top glass.

View from another angle

View from another angle.

Final view

Final view.