This is a very early project. I made this box out of ¼” birch plywood. After I finished the exterior, I painted the walls and added the flooring and wainscoting. I made all the furniture in it: the teacher’s desk and chair, the students’ desks, the blackboards, the framed map, and the picture of George Washington. I posed the dolls, and did the writing on the chalkboards with a pen and white ink. The wood burning stove is from a kit. I made the student’s slate chalkboards. I even put a worm coming out of the apple on the teacher’s desk, that one of the little girls gave her. Can you guess which one did?

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The finished schoolroom Two students Teacher's desk Stove Teacher's desk
The finished school room

The finished schoolroom.

Two students

The two little girl students, one with her hand over her mouth, because she knows the other one is going to be in trouble for drawing an unflattering picture of the “teachur.”

Teacher's desk

The teacher’s desk with a fish bowl, a confiscated yoyo, the apple with the worm, a bell, paperwork and books that she uses, along with her reading glasses. There is a mouse near a trap in front of her desk.


The other side of the room with the stove, a bucket of coal, and a rack with mittens, a scarf, and a knit hat. There are jacks on the floor, along with a cloth bag with spilled marbles. There is a broom and dust pan, but, by the dust on the floors, it doesn’t look they get much use. There is also a black lunch box on the floor, and a lunch basket under the last desk.

Teacher's desk

A close-up of the teacher’s desk with a paper airplane on the dusty floor, and a pointer in the corner. There are chalk and erasers on the blackboard ledges.