Getting Ready For Santa

This was a purchased unfinished plywood box with a lid, and a Plexiglas insert that allowed a view from two sides. I covered the exterior with red fleece and trimmed it with ribbon. I made a false angled wall out of foam core board to hide future wiring for lights on the tree. The interior walls were painted, after covering them with mat board. I used the same fleece on the floor, and added a fireplace. The tree branches are made of pieces of eucalyptus. I plan to add flicker lights in the fireplace.

The big brother is hanging stockings on the mantel. The sister is watching her little brother hang candy canes on the tree, while she holds one to hand to him.

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The finished room View of the scene inside the box Close-up of the children in the scene LED lights A false wall
The finished room

The finished box made to look like a Christmas present. There is a Santa on top of the removable lid.

View of the scene inside the box

View of the interior of the box from another angle.

Close-up of the children in the scene

Close-up of the children in the scene.

Led lights

Battery operated LED light with controller that was recently added to light the box.

A false wall

False wall built to add space to hide wiring for future lights on the tree and in the fireplace.