Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective

Sherlock Holmes is perhaps the most famous fictional detective of all time.

221B Baker Street
Sherlock's Apartment
Sherlock's Desk
Sherlock Standing By Fireplace

Frankie's Garage

This garage was a gift for my son.

Garage with the doors opened
View of interior
Garage interior and work bench
Car on rack

Aunt Lorie's Stove

I made this for my Mom.

The finished room
Close up
Overview of the cabinet and stove
Another view of the kitchen

Motorcycle Emporium

When I found wonderfully detailed 1:12 scale motorcycles, I bought several, and here is how I used them.

Coke can for scale
First version’s picture in sunlight
Final version with the doors open

Big Sister

Big sister is stealing a peek at the new baby, and she has been caught in the act.

The finished room
Bedroom with toys
Big sister

Getting Ready For Santa

A room box that looks like a Christmas present.

The finished room
View of the scene inside the box
LED lights
A false wall

Cow Town Cyclery

I made this shop as a surprise for my nephew who is an avid cyclist.

Front of shop
Overview of entire shop
Sales counter
Left corner

Coffee Break

Taking time to sit down to have a cup of coffee, and look for a new recipe to try.

The finished box
Close-up of interior through the window
Side view
Front view

C's Kitchen

I made this for a dear friend to honor the memory of her lovely mother.

The finished cookbook room box
A view of the interior right side
The room’s left side
View from above

The House Grandpa Built

This is my second dollhouse. My first was a metal one that Santa brought when I was five. It is long gone, but this one survived through the years.

Front of house
Right side of house
Interior with furniture
Window panes

Encyclopedia Shops

This was my first project building miniature rooms inside sets of books.

Shops exterior
Seamstress interior
Bakery interiorv
Office interior

School Room

This is the first room box I made, and it is the only one that hangs on a wall.

Two students
Teacher's desk
Teacher's desk

Colonial Dollhouse

This is the first dollhouse I finished on my own.

Kitchen addition
Dining room
Sitting room
Master bedroom

Italian Villa

This is a work in progress.

Clay floor
Living room

The Music Admirer

A young girl is in love with the music, or maybe has a crush on the young man playing it.

A closer view
View from another angle
Final view

Garden Party

A pair of friends enjoy a nice meal in the garden.

Two friends
Table set
Patio garden
Table of food

Georgian Style Mansion

An elegant mansion in a Georgian style.

Left side view
Living room with lights
View of left corner of that bedroom
You girl's bedroom with fairy wallpaper