Italian Villa

I purchased this house from an import store. It was a white colonial, which I didn’t need, but I liked the way it opened from the front. I repainted it and made the tile roof. I also made the tile floors and added some furniture. The front door is my creation too.

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Current build Front doors Roofing tiles Close-up of roof tiles New door Clay floor Kitchen Living room Bedroom Bathroom Ladder
Current build

This is the way it looks presently. I took out all the old windows and made new ones.

Front doors

The house looks good with the front opened, and when closed, the interior doesn’t get dusty so fast. I added some furniture temporarily to get a feel for how much could fit in the rooms.

Roofing tiles

I made the tile for the roof from air dry terracotta clay. I used an old pasta machine to flatten the clay, and then I cut it into strips, which I laid over three wooden dowels. When the clay had dried, I glued the strips to the roof.

Close-up of roof tiles

Close-up of roof tiles.

New door

The door I made. It needs some hardware.

Clay floor

For the floors, I used the same method of running the clay though the pasta machine and laying it out on a flat surface. I then took a metal ruler and scored different tile patterns into it. I changed the pattern for the different rooms. I left it to air dry, and then glued it in sections to the floors.


The kitchen. I have been tempted to use the cabinets in other houses, but they fit so well in this room, that I have been able to stop myself. I bought them over 10 years ago, and I have not seen them anywhere else since then. They are a very pale green color.

Living room

The living room, dining combo. I recently added the spiral staircase. Anything else would have taken up too much room.


The bedroom at the top of the spiral staircase. The opening for the staircase needs a railing around it. This is a large room with lots of potential. I don’t want to put heavy curtains on the windows. I like the light coming into the room. In fact, I’m toying with the idea of not even wiring for lights. If any are needed, I think I will use LED battery ones.


The bathroom is roomy too and right off the bedroom.


I used a Hallmark ornament ladder to show that construction is an ongoing process. *smile*