Coffee Break

This was my second attempt to build scenes inside books. My first was rooms inside a set of encyclopedias. For this project I liked the idea of putting a certain kind of room inside books that matched that room’s theme. What could be better than a kitchen inside cookbooks? And an open miniature cookbook in that room?

To make this room, I collected oversized cookbooks at a local flea market. I have described the process of gluing and hollowing them out on my Encyclopedia Shops project pages. The kitchen cabinets and stove were purchased. I changed the color of the countertops and cut the end cabinet to fit. The hardware on the cabinets was painted to match the countertops. I 'papered’ the walls with a brightly colored cotton fabric. I like using fabric whenever possible instead of wallpaper, because it is more forgivable than paper, and can be worked for a longer time before the glue dries.

The floor is covered with green colored scrapbook paper, and several objects were painted bright green to bring that color out. I wanted to show off a real cookbook I had, so I put it on a narrow shelf representing a table, right behind the glass window.

I added a pot of sunflowers to compliment the yellow of the walls. I made the shelving and painted dishes to match the countertops. The back window is false. I wanted one over the sink. I used one of my mother’s watercolor pictures as the scene outside the window. I found it on a scrap of paper she had used. There is a pair of “Playtex gloves” in the sink, and a bowl of realistic looking peppers on the counter. A toaster and a jar of jam are on the cabinet top on the left side of the room, along with a box of pastries. The seat cover on the chair matches the cloth wallpaper. I had the rug left over from another project, and was happy to use it in this box because it has all the colors of the room in it.

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The finished box Close-up of interior through the window Interior from a different angle Side view Front view
The finished box

The finished book box with the lights on. Lights are very necessary in these kinds of structures because they have small windows that make it difficult to see the contents without being lit from the inside.

Close-up of interior through the window

Close-up of interior through the window.

Interior from a different angle

Interior from a different angle.

Side view

Side view of room with the end book’s cover opened. For this box, only one open end was necessary.

Front view

Another view of the open end of the room box. I use brass screws to secure the end book’s cover to close the room up. They can be removed to allow access to the room’s contents.